John Zamudio, a Peruvian painter, He was born in Lima city, Peru, lot of light is a caracteritic in his paintings like a simbol of purity and divinity.. to read more.
John Zamudio´s paintings are exhibited regularly in Museum of Art and History in Temple´s square in Salt Lake City - Utah -USA, they are apreciated for political and religious leaders
John Zamudio´s paintings are used in Rui Canas Gaspar book´s covers a portugues writer.
The money collected for selling his books “Portugal Light for Europe” and “ Africa Mormon” and auction of original paintings “Jesuschrist a light for Europe” and “Africa Mormon” and prints are used for printing thousands of notebooks for children from Angola (Africa) who need to go at school to study
To purchase his books go to Rui Canas Gaspar blog, they are available only in portuguess at the moment.
To my volunters friends to became my painting´s models in Setubal-Portugal, Granada-Spain and Liege-Belgium, thanks to them to make possible two important paintings for my artistic career.
Thanks to my daughter Claudia Fernanda Zamudio to have drawn notebook´s cover to give them to Angola Children.
John Zamudio´s paintings represent to Jesuschrist not only in middle east or Israel but also in ancient america (Mesoamerican and Pre-colombine cultures) based in Carlos Aleman´s researches an expert in mesoamerican archeology and inpired in records written by ancient inmigrant who came from middle east to ancient america before Jesuschrist time.
John Zamudio and Carlos Aleman are involved in a project to make twelve Jesuschrist´s paintings to show such theories, they will be exhibited in galleries in USA, Europe and Latino America.
Thanks to Carlos Aleman, Mexican model native people and the sponsor to make possible this project.